Marzipan Animals: our sweetest class.

If you think sculpting little things out of clay is fun, you’ll love engaging all of your senses in this sweet gift-that-keeps-on-giving of a class. Marzipan is made of almonds, so if you have a nut allergy, try our polymer clay class instead.

This class is all about sharing your love, so we encourage you to make presents for all the special people in your life, enjoy creating these sweets with them and, last but not least, treat yourself!!

Polymer clay: feel and look good art.

This class has evolved in many beautiful directions. We have thus far migrated from creating 3-dimensional mandalas to turkey place settings, cute animals, door signs and beautiful jewelry. Polymer clay is a malleable and colorful material that might inspire you to make something entirely new.

No matter your masterpiece, you’ll enjoy the tactile pleasure of sculpting with this material. We’ll go over a few techniques and ideas and provide you with support as the class progresses, but mostly encourage you to explore, create and live in the moment.

Each class will end with a brief oven time so that you may bring your artwork home with you that day.

Mixed Media: everything but the kitchen sink.

This class is designed for you to explore. Have fun with textures, and test out how things stack up for you.

In the full session we’ll try out different mediums and techniques separately, get a feel for each material and return home with a completely different creation each time. The final class will then be your masterpiece where you combine your favorite materials in the techniques that worked best for you.

In a drop in session we typically combine a lot of the materials on one canvas, but you may choose to explore primarily with wool, plaster, modeling clay or paint. We will also have other materials for you to play with, such as glass beads, popsicle sticks, Q-tips and pompoms.

Music is art: jam session

We have recently formed a few bands of young musicians and are always looking for more fun-loving artists. If you play an instrument or sing, our engaging, caring and knowledgeable teachers are at the ready to help you flourish musically. The primary goal here is to have fun!

Zzz Club: the gift of sleep.

This class is all about self-care and pampering. Our extra stimulating world can make it difficult to wind down at bed time sometimes. We know how important our beauty sleep is, yet despite us knowing it, our desire for it and our good intention, some of us have problems falling or staying asleep.

We’re not doctors, but we do feel we have some loving wisdom we can shed on the subject from our own experience. Our first step to helping you solve this problem is simply to prompt you to bring your attention to it and dedicate some time to put a few rituals in place; we promise, these rituals are a "treat yourself" fest.

You will come out of each class with a present for yourself (or a loved one) that can become a part of your good night habit. Together we will sew small lavender pillows, fill up our own satchels of chamomile tea, mix our own bottles of scented oil/lotion as well as little bath salt containers — all complete with your very own designed labels.

Intuitive painting: let art flow.

We encourage you to get lost in your painting, have fun moving gobs of color around on your canvas and have absolutely no goal, ambition or checklist in mind for this one class.

You can bring your talent with you, or check it at the door - there will be no judgements here. This class is all about connecting with your emotions and allowing your intuition to guide you.

Me & My Space: décor troupe.

You can find many studies today concluding that the pleasure and reward center of our brain (the orbito-frontal cortex) lights up when we look at something beautiful.

We are not scientists here at Art & Light Society, but we are guided by the belief that our surroundings affect our mood and quality of life. We like to take this even a step further - that not only would adding more beauty to your habitat enrich your life, but that when you are a part of the creation of this beauty, it can bring you immense joy.

In this class, each participant will be transforming their living space. This could be a kid’s room, your foyer or your living room. We’ll undertake a few projects such as painting 4 panel intuitive artworks that fit a specific spot (pre-measured and planned), a hanging project that occupies another, and a picture frame collage featuring some precious highlighted moments.

Prior to the first class, you’ll send in 5 photos that allow us to examine your space together; we’ll look at those on the big screen. From there, we’ll begin many discussions: we’ll talk about colors and the feelings they evoke, the inhabitants’ personalities, favorite activities and the space’s main function.

We’ll take notes, write down our thoughts, plan, sketch and make a notebook to accompany this journey (the cover will match your color scheme of course!).

make your own class: 
$20 per person. 
3 person minimum. 
Any time!!