Dear visitor,

Thank you for taking the time to look, read and take this all in. My intention is to help kids and adults alike express themselves creatively. Think of me as your channel, cheerleader, guide and enabler to your creative path. I love collaborating and helping others express themselves artistically – whether the medium is a painting or a podcast, I’d love to hear what you are passionate about!

My background is a two-fold path that brought me to this endeavor.

One is my love of art, which was always a powerful driver and a means for communication and expression. I studied Graphic Design at the Mass College of Art and have built a career as an Art Director over the past two decades. I enjoy helping others express themselves creatively. My latest position was at Makeblock Education, where I created their visual language and brand identity guidelines. Feel free to visit to take a closer look at some of the work I've done over the years.

The second is a yearning for a deeper understanding of the human condition, happiness, and ultimately, mindfulness. It began to form in my late teens as I earned a BA in Philosophy and continued in my twenties as I became a Yoga instructor. While I have veered off both of these specific pursuits, the practices and doctrines associated with them are, and always have been, a focal point of my daily life. This guides me to offer you my help in your creative undertakings.

I strongly believe in following one's passion and in the power of collaboration in the pursuit of common goals. I created this website and Art & Light Society in the hopes of finding partners young and old with whom to sow new seeds and flourish in new directions.

If you’d like to create and need some help, reach out!